Private Networks for cost recovery

Traditionally services like circulating (bulk) hot water, Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and gas are unmetered. This means that the cost of these services is borne by the network owner and then on-charged to lot owners on a lot liability basis, which is not necessarily representative of the consumption in individual lots.

Circulating (or Bulk) Hot water is a cost effective way to provide hot water to Occupiers whilst saving space in apartments. Circulating Hot water can be heated with gas or electricity and also incorporate solar heating.

Cost Recovery of Circulating Hot Water

In a Circulating Hot Water system, the cost for the water and the energy used to heat it will be incurred by the Owners Corporation unless they are billed to Occupiers. Lot Liability is generally used to recover cost from Owners/Landlords for hot water usage, however this does not provide an accurate methodology for cost recovery relative to usage.

In an Energy On Circulating Hot Water Private Network, through the implementation of Private Metering the Owners Corporation is able to move to a “user pays” model, where each individual Occupier pays only for the water they use.

For More Detail on how this works, click here to download a PDF outlining the process.

Cost Recovery of Heating and Cooling

As with Circulating Hot Water, some heating and cooling solutions are centralised and apportioned based on the number of occupancies. Depending on the solution in place and the capacity to meter each occupancy, similar cost recovery solutions are available.

In certain developments and meter configurations where the costs of cold water and gas are borne by the Owners Corporation, Energy On can design an effective recovery solution.