New Year rings in 41 per cent rise in Green Power prices

6 January 2016
A line graph explaining Weekly LGC Spot Price.

Consumers want answers after energy providers have announced a price increase of up to 41 per cent for their green energy contribution to coincide with the new year.

Tesla gears up for Australia’s electricity market

4 November 2015

Elon Musk’s iconic electric car marker Tesla Motors reported results on Wednesday morning our time, and Wall Street loved them.

The company delivered a record 11,603 units of its Model S sportscar during the quarter and said it is on track with the release of its Model X SUV later this year. The company’s shares have shot up by more than 10 per cent in after hours trading.


Sunday explainer: why is electricity so expensive?

27 September 2015

Power is expensive in Australia. Even in Victoria, it’s more expensive here than in most other places around the world.

But wait! Why should this be? Don’t we have massive coal reserves? And don’t we burn coal for almost all our energy? Why should we pay through the nose?

More choices for embedded network customers

10 September 2015

The AEMC today called for public comment on its draft determination to enable customers in embedded networks such as apartment blocks, shopping centres, retirement villages and caravan parks to choose their own electricity retailer.

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Electricity retail charges triple in Victoria, urgent review needed: Brotherhood of St Laurence

7 July 2015

There has been a massive jump in electricity bills in Victoria, with retailers charging more than triple what they were six years ago, a new report has found.

Renewables will supply majority of Australia’s electricity by 2040 – study

24 June 2015

Renewable energy will supply the majority of Australia’s electricity by 2040, even without any additional government policy, according to predictions by energy analysts.

It will account for 59% of Australian electricity generation by 2040, as retiring coal and gas plants are replaced by wind and solar, according to New Energy Outlook 2015, which was published by Bloomberg New Energy Finance on Tuesday.